Performance Hood Cleaning Services

Performance Hood Cleaning will provide superior commercial restaurant kitchen exhaust hood cleaning performed in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association's cleaning standards. The primary function of the exhaust hood is to pull smoke, odor and heat away from the kitchen.  Unless cleaned regularly, they may even become a safety hazard.  Proper cleaning and maintenance is one effective way to lower the risk of a fire in a restaurant.

 The frequency of the cleaning services may depend on the volume of cooking done in the kitchen and it ranges from monthly, quarterly to semi-annually to annually.  Cleaning of the appliances like kitchen exhaust requires expert professionals who specialize in cleaning and maintenance. 

Regular maintenance of a restaurant's kitchen exhaust system is one of the primary defenses against fire hazards. By keeping these systems working at their best, they will evacuate the smoke and grease out of the building.

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  • Specializing in kitchen exhaust cleaning
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